Downtown, Brevard, NC

Oct 1, 2008

Downtown, Brevard, NC, originally uploaded by zen.

A fellow worker owns a Cessna172 and if he doesn't fly occasionally, his bones start to creak. So he asked if i wanted to tag along for a lunchtime flight - well hell yeah! Too bad i didn't have my good camera but at least i had the little sony W200 and snapped madly while we flew the 'practice area' along the road between Mills River and Lake Jocassee. I managed to hold it still enough to get a few good shots of Brevard and some surrounding area.

Plus i love being up there. It's liberating and fuels my love of maps and perspectives. But - and this is weird to my pilot friend - i have no desire to control the plane. I don't doubt i could learn it and i'm smart enough to watch what he does should there be an emergency, but be the pilot? Nope. Not interested. Not afraid either, just no desire to be in control of the plane. Better to be free of even that.

It was a half-hour of sweet heaven.


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