gas-up sams award

Sep 13, 2008

2p gasup sams award, originally uploaded by zen.

As of Saturday at 5pm Gas-Up still had gas and still for $3.99. I love this place. But not just for the reason of a failure to gouge people, but because they offer voter registration. They are organizing vans which will drive to the projects and other places in Asheville to get people to the voting booth. Irrespective of how they will vote.

This is a photo of their award at Sams Club. And speaking of awards, i am up for several blog awards at the Extravablogiversapaloozathon which is the compendium of local bloggers. Now, it's all in good fun and it's really a chance to acknowledge many of the people who work waaay harder than i on keeping us informed of something other than what's in my pretty little head. But if you have a mind to, vote for me for these, perhaps more frivolous, awards:

Blogger I'd Most Like to Have a Beer With

Least Likely to Care About Traffic

Best Art/Photos

Makes Me Feel Happiest

Most Inspirational

Thank our lucky stars that i didn't get nominated for "Blogger you'd most like to see naked," because then i know it was a fake!

I'll post the link sometime this upcoming week, or check regularly at blogasheville.

We now return to your regularly scheduled drivel.


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