2 days in Paris

Mar 8, 2008

Helen and i watched the movie Two Days in Paris and it was a light-hearted Woody Allenish film about a relationship's development in Paris. (And yes, i know the photo isn't Paris, it's actually India - but that's just how it is since i've never been there). I would recommend the movie for a cute watch.

As with many rocky relationship films Helen and i marvel about our own relationship that thankfully lacks drama or hard-headedness in how the both of us behave. Some of the movie's misunderstandings are cultural (French and American) and the dialog is particularly sarcastic (though not dementedly so as was Juno's) but we were both struck by the way in which we don't make issues of non-issues with each other. For instance neither Helen nor i care who we've previously dated or married, but are looking to the now of how we get along. So many couples - at least early on - run aground on the jagged shoals of insecurity. The main female (and writer/director) expressed her dismay about relationships that if she detects a break-up coming she's at first hurt, then without letting that heal goes directly into another relationship until "love" comes back around and places undue stress on that relationship until it breaks up and the cycle continues.

Ours is a mature love, but not exclusively cerebral (ie filled with justifications at least that i can see) and we are both firm in who we are and have not let the insecurity of doubt try and change the other person into something we're hoping to find. We found each other and then accepted them for the path each is on and still found that we were in love. Good. Maybe it's age, maybe it's being tired of angst and drama, but it works for both of us. Well, it more than 'works.' Our love is like a flowering bush that you never know from day to day which branches will have a lovely flower, but are filled with surprise and joy about it happening.


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