Photography, Hashtags and Language

May 10, 2010

This post from Scott Bourne got me thinking.

The funny thing about language is that using it makes it so. Right now, 'togs' is meaningless because the majority of people are not using it, but the reality is if it became a de-facto standard thru use, THEN it may become as powerful as "photography"

More probably it will mean something else, though. Think about what is in your mind's eye when someone says "photography." Now think of the word "pictures." It implies photography by the family or casual photographer generally. Pictures of a trailer park aren't high art like "photographs." "Pics" may seem even more casual, but "B&W" has a whole other set of implications. AND it's short.

And twitter is about brevity and communication in 'code.' I RT'ed your LOL just FYI. So while it may be nice to communicate with masters of search engines, Google and Yahoo and Bing are in some ways slaves to what *WE* do as communicators. Just like photographs.


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