when i hear "i know"

Oct 20, 2008

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We should dedicate our lives to fighting childhood education that reinforces regurgitation of the stale, rigid and basically lazy thinking. We should also strike the phrases "i know" and "i understand" from the lexicon of our youth, which has become as glib as the word 'like' and has about as much conviction, because once you utter them there is - by implication - no further evaluation necessary. We as adults will never understand anything that we say 'we know' because everything and i mean everything is open to re-evaluation and re-assessment. If we think that there exists out there something that isn't open to interpretation or reflective evaluation, then it is the thinker who is dead, the speaker which has become zombified and entombed in his or her own stilted arrogance.

Except of course the statement i just made. :)


Yeah, I know!

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