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Oct 7, 2008

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The two American political parties have grown too large to sustain themselves in my opinion. Like cells whose surface area and appearances are much too small for the vastness that they contain, they need to split. Both parties. The Republicans are not all moral majority Christians whose only issues are Roe v. Wade and saying prayer in school. Nor do they all want less government and more tax breaks for the wealthy. Democrats are not all godless people who want to separate church and state. Nor are they all nutjobs who want the government to give them free tickets to ride, nor just people who want to hug trees and stop all industry for one spotted owl. Neither side are best represented by their extremists.

Brant called today and opened with “when are people going to wake up and realize that a two-party system means that there will be polarization?” Of course.

I recently went to a site that was actively pursuing a separation of church and state and I wanted to join because it’s something I believe in. The word "God" does not appear within the text of the Constitution of the United States (the Constitution is the ‘law of the land’, not the Declaration of Independence) and the site seemed very open to discussion and had articles and information that I read with interest. Then, when I tried to join, my three choices for my description were “Atheist, Agnostic and ‘don’t care.’ What? What the fuck? I can’t be a religious person who believes in the greatness of our faith in a creator and think that government should be free and distinct of any or one religion?

These cornballs were basically atheistic zealots. They are fundamentalists without religion. Not the same as Satanists because you have to believe in God to believe in Satan (in fact, you NEED Satan if you’re a Christian because how will you justify suffering? God’s All-Powerful and Indifferent Hand? It’s one of the problems with monotheism. Christians have to absolve their God from any misguidance or they look silly. But, yes, I digress.

So how to affect this change, from a one-or-two party system to a multi-party system that truly represents a democracy. The forging of alliances and bonds because no one party is in power. A president from one party, a VP from another party and an executive cabinet made up of many parties, many viewpoints.

First, trash this stinking Electorial College, I say. Go back to one-person/one-vote. Allow my vote to feel like a voice again. If you’re going to vote for McCain in Illinois this year, face it. YOUR VOTE DOESN’T COUNT. If you’re from Oklahoma and you vote for Obama, YOUR VOTE DOESN’T COUNT. It’s an antiquated system and should be junked. Also, all this stinking redistricting of people in high density areas in shapes that look like trails of smoke. District people in clean and simple ways. Try zip codes. Try geographic differences. Use mineral deposits, I don’t care, just stop fucking with the electorate.

And while I’m on a rant of sorts, start electing people who keep laws and bills simple and without riders, without pork. Create one law every other month that doesn’t do anything and attach your states stinking pork to that. The law states that all people must have, or once had moisture in their bodies. Or that swines will officially be called ‘PORK.’ THEN add bridges to nowhere and nuclear power plants and research for toilet seat design and approval for this and that. SHEESH. Stop fucking with my laws!


ha-HA! Reading this article was deja vu for me. Since you wrote it, I guess our conversation on Saturday was deja vu for you!

Brant said...
October 20, 2008 at 7:49 AM  

Reflecting back, the founding fathers never intended our federal government (including the president) to be as powerful as it is today.

Our nation was setup as a constitutional republic of united states - not a democracy (contrary to common belief). The states elect the president because, aside from the specific powers enumerated in the constitution, powers that affect the daily lives of the people were to rest with the states.

The federal government has abused the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution, results of the Civil War (i.e. Reconstruction), the Great Depression and the "War on Terror" to extend its power far beyond those laid out in the spirit and letter of the Constitution.

Brant said...
November 14, 2008 at 11:55 AM  

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