miró water

Sep 4, 2008

miró water, originally uploaded by zen.

Helen’s Dad and I had a wonderful conversation about art and perception. We discussed the idea of perfection. Of how a painter realizes there’s nothing more to do to a painting when it completes itself with respect to the artist. We factored in the ideas of the Greek architecture that created perfectly ‘looking’ straight lines by actually curving them slightly so they will be seen as straight. Of the heroic sculptor who makes the figure’s head slightly larger so that – when seen from below looks ‘right’ to the viewer’s lowly eye. And in that there was some kind of need for imperfection to seem perfect. That adding silhouetted seagulls to a pretty beach sunset didn’t move the photo towards any kind of perfection but moved it away from the natural. In the natural and seemingly imperfect world there is a kind of perfection that the rigid straight line cannot achieve. We both recognized that God, who doesn’t exist – at least in the way that we know existence – makes, second by second sublimely imperfect moments. The moments that come thru us that way we call art.



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