dance of the young maples

Apr 11, 2008

dance of the young maples
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Had a good night out with Brant last night - drank more than i usually do, but also got to talk with Fliss and Susan and that was very warm and wonderful too.

One of the things Brant asked me was how it was that i 'found' the pictures i do - whether it was something that i sort of trained myself to do or something that i did naturally or even if i had no idea how it happened.

It was nice of him to compliment my photography and i think in our friendly drunkeness he really meant it. But it got me thinking about how it is i see these things. Do i actually look for them or do they come to me?

Well, it's both. I've always been someone who has been looking down and seeing details that others seem to miss. Or maybe they see it too but don't remark on it. My mom gave me that gift i believe. She would walk thru a lawn and see several 4-leaf clover that she said just 'jumped out at her.' She's even found 5-leaf and one (that i know of) 6-leaf clover - the 6th leaf was sticking straight out the top. But finding money and wallets and things people are looking for has always been a talent - or call it a focus - of mine. Maybe, too, at the expense of noticing things about people. I've always thought i would have been a good student if i went to one of Tom Brown Junior's tracker school because of this kind of narrowing of attention, but that's another story.

Also, i've found that once i find something i want to photograph - a bug or seeds or a piece of wall - that i'm really horrible at altering it. Trying to make something look natural or patterned or random usually doesn't work for me, so it becomes my job to 'find the picture' with what is there, how it is there. Sort of finding a bit of order or balance in the chaos of randomness. Like the photo above - which i think is the one Brant used as an example - i didn't rearrange the elements but found a pleasing shot (to my eye) within the elements as they stood.

Gift or curse, i don't know. I do know it would drive me to madness if i couldn't photograph it!


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