no MRSA for the wicked

Feb 13, 2008

I just got news back from a biopsy, and i don't have MRSA. MRSA, pronounced 'mersa', stands for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus - a high falutin' way of saying a staph infection that's grown smarter than our regular strength antibiotics. I had a boil on my face and went to the doc and he did the usual (I was even thinking of naming my firstborn twins Lance and Drain) but put me on loopy and powerful antibiotics in the off-chance that i had the resistant kind of Staphylococcus. But the worst of it - and in the midst of dieting - Helen and i decided that if i were particularly pathogenic that we shouldn't kiss.

Kissing is something that we do daily. We make time for kissing. I know it sounds silly, but after a first date with Helen, i waited as long as i could (i think at most 2 days) and called her up.

"Hello. Helen?"
"Yess, is this zen?"
"Yes it is. And i was thinking, that well, i um... I'm coming over to kiss you."

Okay. Okay? Holy shit! I'm glad i had already showered because the winds that blew me over to her house were not strong enough. My car squealed under the pressure of me gripping the wheel at high speed. I didn't think of anything as i drove, only which direction, which lane, which path was quickest. I got there and we did nothing but kiss each other in all its manifestations: slow, fast, little kisses, big smoochy ones, neck nibbles, hair-breathing kisslets. It was amazing.

So for us kissing isn't just a greeting or a goodbye, it's a release and a necessity. A form of life of it's own that puts me right back into the heaven of being next to the most precious of beings here on this sweet Earth. And the point of all this is that i'm at work and can't wait to get home. Can't wait for her breath to mix with mine and to look into her eyes and put myself back into alignment with the universe that is kissing Helen.

No MRSA for me, nossir!


I cried! How beautifully you have captured the meaning of love and soulmates. I'm shedding tears because I can only hope someone somewhere would think of my kisses the same way. You and Helen are inspirations. Thank you

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